SSD Macbook

Here is a short demonstration of a restart with a Macbook Pro with an SSD. This gives you an idea of the difference with an SSD installed.

Laptops With SSD Drives – The Ultrabook

Laptops With SSD Drives – The Ultrabook

One of the all-time best laptops with SSD drives that is available right now is called the Ultrabook.

The original version of this extremely thin high tech laptop was created by Intel and they actually coined the term Ultrabook and really made it their own.

But this ultra thin laptop is so appealing to so many people that there are a lot of different laptop makers that jumped on the bandwagon and are now creating their very own Ultrabooks.

The one that I am about to tell you about should come as no surprise because it’s coming from one of the biggest laptop makers over the last 20 years and that is Dell.

So let’s now take a much closer look at the Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook which retails for $999 flat.

I’m pretty sure you didn’t believe that Dell was going to sit on the sidelines during the entire fad that is taking off around the Ultrabook.

Of course they’re not going to do that, and the cool thing that I like is that Dell was smart enough to also create this as one of the SSD laptops with which is also another new thing that is becoming quite popular in the world of technology right now.

This brand-new XPS 13 Ultrabook has a very nice sized 128 GB SSD drive inside of it to handle all of your hard drive needs.

This brand-new laptop also has 4 GB of RAM and another cool thing that I really like about it is that the keyboard is backlit.

It’s not really a very heavy laptop either since it is ultra thin, and it only really weighs in at a total of 2.99 pounds which is extremely light if you ask my opinion.

You’ll be able to literally take this laptop with you anywhere because it is so light and you’ll be able to just throw it in a bag and bring it with you wherever you need to go and you’ll hardly notice that it’s even there with you.

But I truly appreciate it because it’s one of the laptops with SSD drives which is what I really like about the current new stock of laptops that are getting released nowadays.

Another really cool thing about SSD laptops with is that they have the highest quality of hard drive technology inside of them and it’s working perfectly.

When you combine this with the ultra thin exterior of an Ultrabook you are easily met with the best of both worlds as far as hard drive technology and lightweight laptops are concerned.

So you definitely want to pick one of these up as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

Laptops With SSD Drives Under $1500

Laptops With SSD Drives Under $1500

Unless you’ve been recently living under a rock for a while right now, you know the next big wave of the future about to take place is that you are going to see a lot more laptops with SSD drives inside of them instead of your standard HDD hard drives.

Right now you can find quite a few of these laptops brand-new for under $1500.

There are even a few that are under $1000 at this point, but the main price range seems to be anywhere between $1000-$1500.

So there really are some excellent options available to you right now and you definitely want to take advantage of them if you’re looking to fully capitalize on the awesome solid-state drive technology that is out in the marketplace right now.

The first of our laptops with SSD drives under $1500 that I’d like to mention is the Thinkpad T420S 14″ 128GB Ssd.

This awesome SSD laptop currently retails for $1299.99. It has a Windows 7 professional 64 installed on it, it also has a preloaded version of Microsoft Office 2010 and it also has Norton Internet Security 2011 installed with a free 30 day subscription.

But the thing that you want to know the most about is the SSD which is a 128 GB SATA solid state drive that also has Bluetooth 3.0. So you’re really going to be in good hands if you do decide to pick up this particular laptop because it is the top of the line and has all of the best features available to you right now.

The next item on our list of laptops with SSD drives under $1500 is the HP ENVY 17-2280NR Notebook PC – Gray Laptop.

This laptop is truly awesome because it has some amazing features and some incredible technology inside of it that it truly is state of the art and there really aren’t many laptops that compare to this at this point in time.

This last item on our list of  laptops with SSD drives is a bit on the high side as it runs $1399 at the retail price, which is not so bad. But the solid state drive inside of it is actually two drives.

Both of the drives are a whopping 500 GB in size which gives you an entire 1 TB of space available to you to help handle all of your hard drive needs. The display is 17.3 inches and it’s in full HD and it also comes fully loaded with Windows 7 professional 64-bit version. But that’s just a small sampling of the incredible features that are available to you.

Do you want to know more about laptops with SSD Drives?

Laptops with SSD

Laptops with SSD drives are currently not all that common right now, but you can expect this technology to really explode over the next couple years and you can really expect to see a lot more of these in the year 2012.

That is going to be the first year that laptops with SSD drives really take off and you’re going to finally start to see the major transition from regular HDD drives to the more efficient and quiet SSD drives that are really taking the world by storm right now.

So if you were ever trying to pinpoint what the next big thing is going to happen as far as technology is concerned, then you have stumbled upon it my friend and you know exactly where the computer world is going to be headed.

The reason why laptops with SSD drives are going to be very popular is that solid-state drives are the latest form of technology and they really are so much more efficient than the hard disk drives that we currently use right now.

They are a lot faster than the current models that we have and they are a lot easier to keep cool which is something that’s very important with a hard drive and it could seriously slow your computer down if it is not functioning properly.

That’s why so many people have computer problems when their PC often overheats, but these brand-new SSD drives are going to help eliminate those issues and you shouldn’t have to deal with that kind of a problem anymore once you have a newer model computer available to you.

That’s why I highly recommend you do yourself a big favor and pick up one of these all new laptops with SSD drives as soon as possible because they are just going to really make your life that much easier and you won’t have to worry about your laptop slowing down on you for no reason at all.

And you’ll also never have to think about whether or not your laptop is going to function properly due to a lack of speed because you’re system is burning up and you have no way to prevent that from happening.

So what are you waiting for?

Go ahead and pick up your favorite laptops with SSD drives right away.

The Intel Ultrabook is an awesome example of one of these laptops that is of the highest quality. So if you don’t know which one to get I highly recommend you look into that brand because it’s going to absolutely have everything you need.

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Welcome to Laptops with SSD .com. I decided to launch a blog about laptops with SSD drives since I found laptops with SSD drives somewhat hard to come by, as when I looked for SSD laptops, I kept just getting solid state drive listings, and not actual laptops with a solid state drive, so hopefully my blog makes the search a bit easier for you looking for laptops with SSD drives.